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Aug 15, 2022

On this episode of Black Moms Chat sponsored by Powermom. Dr. Lase Ajayi join co-hosts Adanna Dill and Schnelle Acevedo to share her experiences as a medical doctor and Black mother. She shares her own traumatic experience at the hospital where she practices medicine during her pregnancy, why she believed the overturning of Roe V. Wade is steeped in systemic racism. Her thoughts on home births vs hospital births and advice for Black women to advocate for themselves during their pregnancies.

About our guest:

Toluwalase "Lase" Ajayi is a palliative care physician and pediatrician. She is dedicated to expanding the benefits of palliative medicine across all ages, as well as improving communication with seriously ill patients. She has a strong interest in studying methods of improving communication between seriously ill patients and hospital teams, as well as investigating how palliative medicine can improve the quality of lives of patients with previously devastating pediatric disease who are now living well into adulthood. This group of patients includes, but is not limited to, those with congenital heart defects, cystic fibrosis, and hemoglobinopathies as well as survivors of pediatric cancers.


She currently serves as the medical director of palliative medicine at Scripps Mercy Hospital San Diego and is well published in her work with patients with serious illnesses. She completed medical school and residency at the University of Kansas and moved to San Diego for a fellowship in Hospice and Palliative Medicine.

Resources mentioned by Dr. Ajayi:

Black Mamas Alliance:

The Irth App:


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Book mentioned at beginning of episode:

Nobody's Magic by Destiny Birdstrong