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Mar 7, 2022

On this episode, Adanna Dill and Schnelle Acevedo chat with Bianca Dottin. Bianca openly shared her experiences parenting her two children that were born prematurely in the NICU. She shared tips for new moms who are currently caring for babies in the NICU. Bianca opened up about how she and her family dealt with the grief of baby loss and her advice for other parents also dealing with baby loss. She shared about guiding her older daughter through grief and what worked for her. Advocating for her health helped her have a safe delivery and discover her kidney disease. She also shares what life is like living with a chronic and awaiting a transplant, how others can help by becoming a donor, and how to become a kidney donor. 


About our guest:

Bianca Dottin is the content creator & mompreneur behind Since 2013, Bianca has collaborated with household name brands like General Mills, Clorox, Pantene, JCPenney and many more. Bianca quickly grew her blog to become one of Orlando's most recognized bloggers and transitioned into a booming lifestyle brand. Sharing openly about parenting, travel, home, beauty, and style, Bianca connects with her audience through relatable experiences from her real life.

In 2017, she created the Mommy's NICU Journal for mothers to capture every memory of their child during their NICU stay. Over 264 pages, Bianca emphasizes women's self-care and shares inspirational quotes, with space for parents to record precious infant milestones. Through her blog and organization, Bianca has become a voice for premature birth, NICU moms, and life after baby loss.

From sharing her style to sharing from her heart, Bianca is inspiring moms to create a life they love, one day at a time.

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Mommy's NICU Journal: