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Mar 14, 2022

On this week's episode of Black Moms Chat, Schnelle Acevedo and Adanna Dill interview Jennifer Hammock. Jennifer shares tips on how to be confident on camera, how to conquer self-sabotage, parenting Black kids attending predominately white schools, how to teach confidence to kids and more.

About our guest: Jennifer Hammock is a successful entrepreneur, award-winning servant leader, empowerment coach, author, and highly sought-after speaker with a sincere heart to uplift women. All while being seven months pregnant in the spring of 2017, Jennifer published her first book, Dream Chaser. Jennifer received so much praise and requests from women wanting help to start businesses that the following year she launched, Dream Chaser Academy, a coaching business for aspiring entrepreneurs, authors and passionate people seeking to profit from their passions. In between speaking engagements and coaching sessions, Jennifer also produces and hosts The Dream ChaseHer Podcast, to help women find clarity and confidence to pursue their dreams.

You can find Jennifer:


YouTube: Jennifer Hammock 

Jennifer Hammock on Facebook 

@jenn_hammock on Instagram

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Book recommended: We're Speaking: The Life Lessons of Kamala Harris: How to Use Your Voice, Be Assertive, and Own Your Story


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